Sunday, 9 November 2014

5 Ways to Have Fun in a Small Setting

Five ways to have fun in a small town setting

    The city that I live in is pretty small. As in, we don’t have much in the way of inexpensive, exciting things to do. Combine that with having a six month old and know. Dates aren’t surprising, fun, and eventful evenings. It’s dinner at the local pizza place and maybe a movie if we have a coupon. You have to be creative here in order to have fun.
    Thankfully I love to be creative in the name of having fun, so what a great topic to write about! I have compiled for you, my reader, a checklist of things to consider when trying to plan a fun date in a setting that isn’t exactly big city:
  1. Can the date be outside? This one is the first thing I consider when planning a date because well, we live in a little slice of Heaven as far as the great outdoors go. Snowy winters, beautiful summers, mountains and woods and salt water...what better place to host a date night? The bonus is that many things outdoors are free! Think local parks, going to a local baseball game, or taking a long walk around downtown with a coffee. Many locals (Hubby included) have hangouts they had when they were teenagers. These are great places to go hang out and enjoy just being outside.
  2. Can we go local? We have lots of independent businesses here, and a healthy love of local sports and the arts so why not? Go see a baseball game, or a play, or go bowling. We have plenty of fun in the way of local music, and a beautiful park full of walking trails. I always love supporting local when we can.
  3. Phone a friend. Seriously. They will always have their two cents on what places are on the go and which ones aren’t. And usually they’re onto something, you know.
  4. What’s my budget? Things here in our price range are blah. Boring. Been there, done that. But what if you juggled the budget? This goes both ways too, because while it’s always fun to spend a little more money, sometimes it feels fun and silly to keep it cheap, even cheaper than usual. This is how bonfires and bike rides to the ball field happen.
  5. What time of year is it? Things here change with the season, so it helps to keep up with the changes. Thankfully the city I live in sends out activity guides in the spring and fall, so we know the kinds of things that are going on in the different seasons. Anything from a bowling league to an upcoming play, it helps to come up with some fun ideas for dates given the time of year.

It’s true, I don’t live in the big city like some folks do, but there is something fun about living in a small town that feels fun and safe, and maybe a little exciting in a small way;)

I hope you enjoyed my very first ever blog post! Please feel free to comment on ways that you like to have fun in your city or town!

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