Monday, 8 December 2014

5 Questions From a Brand New Blogger

5 questions from a brand new blogger

    All of you out there have been in my shoes. I’m new to the world of blogging, and I’m blindly posting and linking and sharing and making what I hope are half decent graphics. I suck at photography and in fact, I don’t even currently have a functioning camera other than my cell phone, let alone one of those fancy DSLR cameras. I’m finding my niche, posting what I hope everyone will enjoy and praying to the blog gods for a shot at going viral. I did purchase a domain name but have no idea how to use it on Blogger. (I read many instructions, but still can’t seem to make it happen.)
    I have been using Blogher to promote my blog (which I write on Blogger), and after taking a week off (due to Christmas decorating, a fussy baby and a little frustration that I can’t manage to get more than 10 pageviews) wasn’t I shocked (and delighted!) to see that my last post had in fact been selected as a feature post on the family section of Blogher! Over 600 views and 10 comments! That lit my fire and now I want to know how to make this happen. How do I do it. How do I become a professional blogger, instead of someone who pours her heart and soul out to roughly 6 people, including my husband. Although I would like to monetize my blog, I’m not doing this for big bucks. Just some form of payoff for a job well done:)
    So now I throw it out there to other bloggers. The questions I’m sure everyone has asked at some point. Heck, maybe there’s even one or two of you who might find the answers you are looking for here (if anyone answers, that is!)

  1. What platform do you use, and how do you link it back to your favorite blog network? I’m all about Blogher. It is a terrific place to network, but I’m not sure how you ladies do it. Do you only use one platform? I’m guessing many of you use (and will swear by) Please explain how you cross promote from one platform to another, or if you even bother to use more than one.
  2. How much time do you spend on your blog every week? I’ve read the average is about 10 hours, and I’m curious if there is a correlation between the amount of time spent working on your blog, and your success.
  3. What do you consider successful in terms of views? When I saw my post got over 600 views, I felt like the most successful blogger on the planet! I would love it if all of my posts could get that kind of attention. Unless the norm is 10,000 views, in which case I’ve got a lot of work to do.
  4. Google Adsense or other? I understand (or at least I think I understand) that on Blogger, you must be careful how you make money, since Google owns the rights to your blog. I am very interested in Google Adsense, but I understand Blogher also pays for ad space. What is the best one? Can I do both?
  5. How long did it take to see results? I know success doesn’t happen overnight (Unless you’re Grumpy Cat). How long did you work to see results?

    Okay, I realise this is less of a blog post and more of a Q&A, but hopefully I can gain a better understanding about monetizing a blog, so that when I am ready to sign on the dotted line so to speak, I will make the best choice for me:)
    Also, please feel free to leave and tips or questions of your own in the comments, I hope we can get a great discussion going!

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