Saturday, 13 December 2014

Why Mommytard is my Hero.

Why Mommytard is my hero.
    For those of you who haven’t heard of the Shaytards, this might be a little confusing. For those of you who follow Colette Butler, aka Mommytard, aka Katilette on YouTube, I’m sure you can understand and appreciate what I am writing about.
    Mommytard is one half of the Shaytards parental units. Her and her husband Shay Carl post daily vlogs showcasing the crazy adventure that is their every day. They started with nothing, and let us watch as they struggled and succeeded in their career, and life as a family. For over five years now she has shown the female audience of the Shaytards how she works to be the best mother and wife she can. I have watched this lady parent three, four, and five kids, and do it all with style and grace. I don’t mean to get all fluttery and lovely about the topic but I can honestly say she is a role model when it comes to mommyhood. From food to fashion to fitness, she’s entertaining and inspiring. Here are the top reasons why I have chosen Colette Butler as a personal role model:

  • She is so full of energy. For a lady who doesn’t drink coffee, she has pep in her step, and I admire that in a mommy. How she manages to keep up with the needs of all the people in her life and still find time to haul her butt to the gym or curl her hair I’ll never know. Mommytard if you ever read this, tell me your secrets!

  • She’s genuinely humble. You can see in the videos just what I mean when I say genuine, too. Her religious upbringing has instilled in her an understanding and gratitude for what God has blessed her with, and because of that she is reluctant to gloat about things. I love that about her. Speaking of religion, that brings me to my next point:

  • She isn’t afraid to speak up about her religion. This is a bit of a hot topic in their comments section (especially for the trolls), but that doesn’t stop them from talking about it anyway. Not in a shove-it-in-your-face conversion attempt either, but in more of a dialogue way. She has said before many times that she understands many people believe the Bible is a made up story, and she is fine with that. All she asks is that others understand that she believes that story actually happened, that’s all.

  • She tries to eat healthy, but doesn’t always succeed. I love that I can (and have) gotten some great healthy recipes from her. (Quinoa salad has probably been my favorite so far!) For the most part there are always veggies and lean healthy foods on her family table, but I also love that she’s been caught more than once with a chocolate milkshake in the cup holder or a take out bag full of tacos, or even package of Fudge Covered Oreos in her cart. Makes me feel less guilty when I have the occasional indulgence.

  • She is still learning as a parent, but is also a fountain of knowledge. For those of us who are just getting our feet wet as parents, I just love watching how other mothers raise nice kids. This one is probably one of the bigger reasons I love Colette, her mothering abilities. She is a wonderful, loving mother. She teaches wise lessons to her children but makes sure life is fun all at once. At the same time however, she admits that she is still learning, and afterall, she is. Her oldest (Gavin, age 11) is a perfect example of a terrific child, but he is far from grown up. And with 4 more so far, she has lots of years left to go.

    Do I sound like a fangirl yet? I guess in so many words, I look up to her as a person, because I see her struggles and triumphs as a mother and wife. The honesty and openness of her and her family’s daily blogs are a positive outlook on life, and an entertaining way to spend 15 minutes of my day. I’ve come to really admire her!

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