Sunday, 7 December 2014

Please Go To Sleep!

Please go to sleep!
    We are going through a growth spurt. Little Miss, that is. Or maybe she’s teething? I don’t know, but I can say that since putting her to bed at 7:00, a mere two hours ago, she has woken up three times crying. Last night was no better, waking up at 12:30 and not falling back to sleep until 3:30 in the morning. No doubt, this is hard. You are sleep deprived, and your once perfect sleeping angel baby is now a screaming ball of tears every time her precious head touches the crib mattress. As I type this she is upstairs, crying into her daddy’s arms after waking up alone in her room. These times are some of the most trying times a parent goes through with their infant.
    That being said, they are also some of the most precious moments (although I hardly felt that way last night!) simply because it is a reminder that your child needs you. Only you. She isn’t hungry, she is hurting, upset, and needs the comfort of your arms to fall back asleep. I have to admit, last night I was frustrated. I have been trying to eliminate my part time co sleeping, and it had been going very well. A little too well… After three hours of rocking and nursing and laying down and picking up, I brought her into bed with me and she was asleep in minutes. I spent three solid hours trying to get her into the crib when all she wanted was to feel me next to her for comfort. she slept well after that, waking only once for a few minutes. She slept until 8:00, which is sleeping in compared to her usual 6:30 wake up.
    As I lay in bed this morning with her head resting against my arm, I counted my blessings. Through the grace of God I have been given the joys and trials that come with being a parent, and if that means a few sleepless nights and plenty of tears, then brew me a pot of coffee, because I will go through it whenever my little girl needs me. It’s my job as a parent, and I am happy to do it, because it makes her happy.

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